Small Business Health Insurance Nevada

Happy employees are, perhaps, the best investment, and one of the things that makes employees motivated and productive is good small business health insurance. As a small business owner in Nevada, you’re not obligated to provide small group health insurance nor will you face tax penalties for not doing so. And while that may offer some modicum of relief in the face of financial stress, don’t be too quick to check employee well-being off the list. There are many things to consider when electing to provide small business health insurance to your employees that all directly relate to your bottom line.

Americans, and the vastly sedentary American workforce, are a relatively unhealthy bunch. Depression, addiction, chronic fatigue, obesity, heart disease and absence related to illnesses pervade. As an employer, you deal with these issues every day – whether or not you think you do. These maladies erode productivity and earnings by upwards of 30% in most companies every year; such common maladies can be prevented with systematic health and wellness programs. And researches have shown that when used, health plans and wellness programs make for vastly higher employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

Businesses that opt to pay for small group health insurance in Nevada need to find a provider that has productivity and bottom line as much in mind as do the businesses they serve. Clark & Associates understands the challenges you go through, balancing employee needs and the bottom line. We would like to be both your broker and your partner in growing a healthy, sustainable business.

Our Nevada small group business insurance plans can help you save money on health care costs, at the same time keep your employees happy and content. Since 1992, Clark & Associates has been providing competitive health insurance for small businesses. Our health plans offer substantial coverage with vision and dental, and are flexible enough to accommodate requests for custom-designed ones. We are committed to delivering health benefits unique to your small business through smart planning, extensive and easily accessible support, and the best technology-based solutions you can find on the market right now.

Small business health insurance in Nevada may not be mandated, but it is the smart way to go. Get a quote today or contact Clark and Associates for more information. We strongly encourage you to contact us for any questions, because this will allow us to craft health solutions best suited to the needs of your small business.

Large group benefits and rates are also available to small businesses through a Professional Employer Organization in Nevada. Contact us to learn more.